Neodev Studio.

From our office in the heart of Malmö, we develop custom software solutions in close collaboration with our clients, where the client provides domain expertise and Neodev provides software competence.

With Neodev Studio, we offer complete solutions, from problem definition to finished product. Our team has broad expertise and we take responsibility for the entire project.

  • Typescript

  • Node

  • React

  • Nest

  • Azure

  • Git

  • Figma

Customer case


Haldex, a world-leading provider of sustainable braking systems and air suspension solutions in the automotive industry, also offers services to the manufacturers of the vehicles in question. We were entrusted with the task of modernizing and digitizing one of the calculation tools that Haldex uses for the approval of truck trailers (e.g., semitrailers).

Trailer Approval

In order to sell vehicles in the EU, they need to be approved, and a brake calculation demonstrating the vehicle’s braking performance must be included in the approval process. Haldex performs approximately 2000 brake calculations per year as part of its product offering to its customers.

When one of Haldex’s customers develops a new trailer design, they retrieve a form from Haldex’s website and fill in the specifi…

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Some of our customers:

All the expertise, one studio.

Custom solutions

Some problems require custom-built solutions and that’s exactly what we excel at! In our Studio projects, we drive the development of entire (or parts of) systems. We develop everything from internal software tools to applications in our clients’ names. If you can’t find an off-the-shelf product that solves you problem, we’re here!

Digitalization & cloud.

Many of our Studio projects are about digitalizing existing applications. For example, replacing an old Pascal app with a user-friendly mobile-adapted web interface that runs on a modern cloud infrastructure such as Microsoft Azure.

Broad competence

In the recent years, we have expanded our expertise by hiring engineers with diverse backgrounds and specializations. We cover everything from project management to UX, backend, and devOps. This allows us to drive entire projects where we take responsibility for the whole production chain from start to finish.

[In the clouds]

[All parts]


Thanks to our unique model, you can trust that our engineers are committed and competent. We are constantly working to ensure that Neodev is synonymous with high-quality engineering.

Whole projects, or just parts.

We take on tasks of various sizes and complexity, ranging from entire projects (e.g. web applications) to parts of systems (e.g. backend). No project is too big or too small!

[Custom built]

Off-shore? Try South-shore!

[Malmö shoreline]

Thanks to our move to our own premises in central Malmö, we can offer Studio projects where our in-house team at Neodev drives the project in close collaboration with the client.

In addition to the Öresund region, this gives us the opportunity to take on assignments throughout Sweden and the rest of the Nordics.

Some previous projects.

  • NLP

  • Python

  • React

  • MongoDB

  • Javascript

  • Flask

  • Git

  • C#


  • .NET-framework

Classification system

AI module for integration into an existing system to categorize textual data into various classification systems. The work included text pre-processing and implementation of models for word embedding.

Frontend development for the same system - developing a user interface in React to handle input data, demonstrate categorization, and facilitate data collection.

The same client chose us to modernize their existing web application, which was written in jQuery and web forms. The development was done in React, and the work required planning, restructuring, and development of a new workflow to deliver a cloned version of the web application with additional features.

  • Python

  • Node

  • Javascript

  • scikit-learn

  • XGBoost

  • GCP

  • Firebase

  • React

  • Google Apps Script

  • NLP

  • FastText

  • Firestore

  • Cloud run

  • OpenAPI

  • JWT

Machine learning framework

Development of a machine learning framework for a real estate system in the form of a web application on GCP (Google Cloud Platform) with a React frontend.

The framework’s features include data uploading, model training and evaluation, as well as prediction.

Development of a system for document categorization, regression, and outlier detection using Facebook’s fastText. The system is run on GCP AI Platform to facilitate long training times.

  • Node.js

  • JavaScript

  • TypeScript

  • React.js

  • FoalTS

  • MS-SQL

Production monitoring

Development of a web application for real-time monitoring of production equipment for a customer in the automotive industry. The system enables obtaining information about both manufactured components and all production stages in multiple production lines.

The backend is developed in Node.js (FoalTS framework, TypeScript) and is responsible for fetching data from existing MS-SQL databases. The frontend is designed to present real-time production data to end-users in a simple and comprehensive manner, accessible on mobile devices, and developed in React.js (TypeScript).